Trinity Lutheran Church

106 W. Penn St., Bedford, Pennsylvania


The Rev. David M. Weinhold
The Rev. Raymond E. Short

Confirmation Ministry....



… Inviting all Youth (as early as 8th grade)

… AND – Inviting ADULTS ~ (who would like to share in the Rite of Confirmation)



Confirmation is an ancient Rite of the Church which prays the Gifts of the Holy Spirit upon the Confirmand.  Historically, this blessing was shared by a Bishop, after a time of exploring the Faith (called “Catechesis” ~ where we get the word “Catechism”).  This time of Faith Exploration encourages the “Catechumen” (the one experiencing “catechesis”) to experience the basic teachings of the Church and develop faithful Christian practices which will guide their life.  And, while Confirmation Ministry has taken many forms through the centuries, the central goal and purpose has remained the same – to deepen Christian Faith and form strong disciples of Jesus Christ.


At Trinity, our Catechetical Ministry nurtures Christian Faith through encouraging faithful worship, learning, fellowship participation, and with a mentor, sharing in  a series of self-chosen servanthood events and (4) special learning events which are led by our pastors.



Please check with Pr Weinhold or Pr Short with any questions.