Trinity Lutheran Church

106 W. Penn St., Bedford, Pennsylvania


The Rev. David M. Weinhold
The Rev. Raymond E. Short

Youth Ministries.....


The Youth at Trinity are a vital group in the life of the congregation. Their activities range from weekly liturgical participation, to community services, to wild and crazy youth group games and activities. Through their involvement in Trinity's youth group, Youth learn to be leaders in the church and helpers of the community all while making sure to have plenty of time for fun.


A Few of our Youth Programs Include:


Youth Group

Twice a month from September to May our youth gather together and just go wild. During this time our Youth enjoy being together, playing games, sharing a meal, discussing different topics provided by the leaders, and helping alleviate the needs of others around the world through Kiva partnerships. 

High School Hangouts

In addition to youth groups with all of our youth gathered together, we also enjoy a few special gatherings that are just for our Highschoolers. At these events, we relax, have dinner, and enjoy a few light hearted and easy going activities together.

Youth Quakes

Each Year a group of Youth make a trip out to Pittsburgh to spend the weekend with several hundred other young folks. Over the course of these trips our youth make new friends, sing and dance with great bands, and learn from captivating speakers.

Over-night Lock In's

These are some of our youth's favorite events. At our Lock In's we come together and spend the night in the church. Over the course of the evening our youth carry on in the halls of our old church playing frighteningly fun games such as Gorgomon and Sardines. There is always plenty of food, excitement, and competition to be found at these events.


Acolyte Ministries

Youth play an important role in our Liturgical Life as they assist in each Liturgy as Acolytes. During this time they light the candles for the service, lead our processions with the crucifix, and assist with times of communion.

Sunday School

Each Sunday from September to May our Youth are invited to a time of discussion and learning. In this class the youth delve into the scriptures, learn about the traditions of the Church, and partake in discussions that focus on contemporary issues that they face. Several times a year, they even see if they can stump the pastor with their witty and thoughtful questions.


Confirmation Ministries

As early as 8th Grade our youth can begin the process of confirmation. During this time they enjoy an immersion into the life and ministries of the church. To do this, each youth selects a mentor who will guide and help them in five key areas; mentoring, worship, service, fellowship, and learning. At the end of this nurturing process, the youth's faith is affirmed and grace is conferred through the rite of confirmation.


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